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"Great job... fabulous entertainment ... highly engaging shows."
- Diane Kline - Radio Disney

"Norm's Show was a BLAST! Definately one of the best shows we've had! Thank You!"
- Jackie, Teacher at New Horizon Academy

"Norm's personality and talents delighted our Kid's Day Grandstand audience. I would heartily recommend him!"
- Todd Hale Manager - Steele County Free Fair, Owatonna, MN

I enjoy bringing comedy magic to birthday parties and family events. For very young children I tailor the show to make it fun and colorful and magical. For older kids in the 8-10 year old range I have a dynamic show that grabs their attention and gets them laughing with the comedy and in this show the magic is totally puzzling and blows their minds. Very fun for this sophisticated set who have seen a lot of magic and special effects.

I have done birthday parties for a range of people including an 80 year old doctor and several 50 year old parties. Adults are just big kids inside and the comedy brings out the fun in everyone. check for more information as you plan your birthday party.

Cool Tricks for Cool Kids Video

"Norm was fabuolous! He kept our 5 year old son Oliver and his 15 friends captivated and laughing hysterically!"

-Claudi Marcel Hungs, St. Paul MN

Norm is a sleight of hand expert. Amazing tricks happen bare handed. No fake tubes and boxes that the kids can figure out. Norm has entertained full time for over 28 years and brings cool and amazing original tricks that grab kids attention and gets them laughing like crazy. He does not do those same old simple tricks that are the stock and trade of most children's magicians that are bought at any magic shop.

Don't blink your eyes as Norm presents the vanishing pen trick. It is amazing! The pen and cap disappear several times and re-appear in a comical way. It is amazing bare hand magic that has even the older kids puzzled and wondering. Norm brings tricks that fool adults and children of all ages, but more than that it is entertaining and dynamic.

He's experienced, enthusiastic and professional. Norm tailors the magic to the age group he is entertaining. Your party will be the best ever with Norm's comedy magic!

"The show was very fun! The kids really enjoyed it! They laughed really hard! Wonderful entertainer, hope he will come back in the future! Always kept the kids guessing and wanting more."

- Krisi K Pre/Teacher

"We had Norm Perform for our son's 5th birthday. He was great. The kids, as well as the adults, loved it. Everyone in the audienced laughed and had a great time."

- Mike Bamey, St Paul MN

"I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to come and perform for the patients and families here at Gillette. Everyone loved it and had a fabulous time! The kids are still talking about the tricks! Thank you especially for being so accomodating and interactive with the kids. They absolutely loved being a part of the show as they were able to help you perform magic! It was wonderful to watch the kids faces light up in awe and wonder! It was such a wonderful magical night and much needed by these families! Thanks for putting the magic back in our hearts! We would love to have you back for another performance in the future!"

- Megan and the child life staff- Gillette Childrens Hospital, MN

Kid's Party Video Testimonial

"Norm provided his 'walk-around' magic services for our 5th Anniversary Gala at the Graves 601 Hotel here in Minneapolis. Having used his stage show services in the past, we already knew him to be the best choice. Norm is not only a master magician but doing his 'mingling magic' he's also a master of providing magic and comedy in a respective and unobtrusive manner. He knows how to work his way in and around the crowd, so you hardly know he's there until bursts of laughter or "WOWs" are heard from various small groups around the event. Norm, you're simply the BEST!"

- Tricia Haynes, MicroGrants Gala at the Graves 601 Hotel, Minneapolis.

Norm presented his show at 10 libraries across the metro area recently and he received many comments from librarians.

"Norm continually worked reading into his show -- he was terrific about tying in lots of book titles. The Staff received more smiling thank-you comments than we have ever had."

"Norm provided the Centennial Library audience with a fast paced, entertaining and fun show. Its evident that Norm has high standards for himself and his act. It was great to have him back at Centennial again." (performed here 6 years)

"The audience loved the performance and were all really into it. He included lots of children volunteers in his tricks which they really enjoyed."

Little kids like Norm's show, big kids like Norm's show!


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Your child will recieve two of Norm's DVD's to learn cool tricks when you book Norm!


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