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Tips & Ideas
For a successful Birthday Party!
By: Norm Barnhart

Tips & Ideas for To Make your next Birthday Party Memorable, exciting, Easy and successful!         -   Copyright 2010   -  MagicNorm.com
Here are some great ideas to make your Birthday Party really shine.
A Themed Party -  Give it a theme, such as pirate, sports, back to the 60’s, beach party, superhero, magic, baseball, rock star, sports cars or circus. You may even invite the guests to wear costumes.  Find some music to fit the theme.
Invitations!  Your child’s birthday party invitation is a great way to generate excitement for the big bash! You need to start with the who, what and where. Your child can hand draw an illustration or write something like, “Come to the Party!”  You can put a picture of your child on the invitation. The invitation can fit the theme.
In the invitation you might want to consider an inspirational quote to make it uplifting and fun. If you have a theme for the party it is easy to find a quote that will fit. If the theme is your child’s favorite cartoon character or superhero take a quote from that character and put it on the invitation. If you have a sports themed party you can take a quote from your child’s favorite athlete or a NASCAR champion.

Decorations - Keep the theme going with decorations for the party.  Consider party favors, pencils and a cake with the theme on it. The colors of the decorations such as napkins, plates, balloons, ribbons and streamers can match the theme colors. Many kids enjoy helping to decorate.
Balloons on the Mailbox – Tie balloons to the mailbox or out front somewhere so your guests can easily find your home. It also generates excitement.
Piñata! The Piñata is a great tradition and there are many to choose from that will fit your theme. But for younger children it is a good idea to make sure your child understands how the game works. One party for a 4 year old girl had a Dora the Explorer Piñata and when the kids started hitting Dora with a stick, she burst into tears. When Mom picked it out the youngster probably thought she got to keep the Dora and not whack it and tear it apart.

Birthday Cupcakes! Try cupcakes instead of cake.  This is an easy and economical idea that saves you time as the serving of cupcakes is a breeze. You could still have a larger cake with candles that is shared by the family later, but cupcakes can be passed out fast and easy. The cupcakes can have sprinkles or candy on top with the color of frosting to match the theme.
Starting the Party!  Everyone arrives at different times so it is a good idea to have a project or activity they can join. A great way to keep the kids having fun as they arrive is to decorate their own take home bags.
Make Gift Bags! This is a fun activity the kids can participate in as they arrive. Have a table laid out with stickers and colors and let them make their own bags complete with their name so they can keep track of it.  The children who arrive later will have less time to decorate but this will keep everyone occupied until things get underway in a more organized fashion. An “Under the Sea” party could have the bags decorated with blue color crayons and then have the kids put fish stickers on them.
Make Magic Wands! If you have a magic themed party a great craft idea when they arrive is to make magic wands.  Roll up black construction paper and use masking tape to make the white tips on the ends. The tape keeps the want rolled in place and they have a fun wand to take home.  If they bring them to the magic show they can learn a simple trick with the wand or help the magician from time to time when the magician asks them to wave their wands.
A Cool Comedy Magic Show fits in with many themes!  For example, if you pick a cartoon character or super hero, pick up a few erasers or stickers with that character on it and the birthday child can make them magically come out of the hat! Then your child can pass out the magical stickers to the guests.  Your child is the star of the show in Mr. Norm’s Comedy Magic show. It is fun and funny and he can compliment your theme. There are many opportunities for fun photos in this memorable magic show.

Noisemakers – You may want to think twice before giving out whistles or other noisemakers. They are fun, but can be a real headache for you after about 15 minutes.  There are lots of other cool and inexpensive gift items.

Pets – You probably will want to protect your pet and keep it in a different part of the house.

A Simple Control Tip - You may want to have a coach’s whistle to help you quickly get attention. One small toot means listen up! This is so much easier than yelling to get attention when everyone is full of excitement. Kids respond like they do to a coach at school. Hang it around your neck.

Sticker Rewards - Another great idea is to have a roll of stickers and when you say the magic words, “please have a seat” everyone sits on the floor as fast as they can and the ones who do it quick and quiet get a sticker… Yay, everyone wins and gets a sticker as then all quickly sit on the carpet.
A Great Give Away! For girl’s parties consider Mardi Gra style, bead necklaces. The girls love them. For boys its pirate’s treasure! A magician can make the necklaces appear from the hat in a magical way.

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For a successful Birthday Party! By: Comedy Magician Mr. Norm.
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